Chaotic Neutral Podcast

Recorded on Dec 3, 2017

This week we go intro-less and Chris ruins everything.

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Recorded on Nov 29, 2017

Surprise surprise this week the boys talk comics.  And then Info Wars happens.

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Recorded on Nov 19, 2017

Sean's back! This week it's super hero talk time.

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Recorded on Nov 12, 2017

This week Lucci's back.  And EJ's in Boston.  Lynch takes the reins of this 2 man as his compy poops all over the recording.

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Recorded on Oct 22, 2017

Lynch is concussed.  EJ has been drinking.  Ray is... Ray.

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Recorded on Oct 15, 2017

Everyone is dead.  Twitch video chat sucks a butt.  

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Recorded on Oct 8, 2017

This week it's another 2 man show.  Lynch is back from the dead and ready to talk about trailers.  And drink.  Or just drink.

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Recorded on Sept 24, 107

This week, PIP'S BACK.  Get ready for something.

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Recorded on Sept 10, 2017

It's a riveting 2 man show going from real estate to natural disasters to virtual economics.  

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Recorded on Sept 3, 2017

This week the boys are tired and decide to talk about real estate to perk themselves up.  God help us all.


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