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Recorded on December 14, 2014

This podcast has been approved for release by The Glorious Demorcratic People's Republic of Korea.

We're up to our usual shenanigans in this episode.  Nader finally tells us where he was when we thought him to be dead in a ditch.  Somehow Lynch converts the episode into The Shonen Show.  #FireMika

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Tags: Destiny, Final Fantasy, Gasoline, Porn, Ren Faire, Storytime, Sales, UK Bans Porn, Smoking, Wawa, Fairy Tail, Attack On Titan, Ghost In The Shell, Fire Mika, Russle Brand

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Clip recorded on December 14, 2014

This is a clip of our conversation about the way that the chlorine gas attack on a furry convention was reported.  We want to have Mika Brzeznski held accountable for laughing herself off stage while reporting on a domestic terrorist attack that sent 19 people to the hospital.


Tags: accountability, firemika, msnbc, morning joe, integrity

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Recorded on December 6, 2014

This one is weird even by our standard.  We try to talk nerd stuff but Nader takes forever to tell a story.  We step up our BS by a factor.  Probably because we recorded at 1 in the morning.

Tags: Sick days, Drinking, Redacted, Star Wars, Shonen Show, Gagging, Renee Zellweger, Can't Handle It Guy, Spite Edit, Crossdressing, Story Time, Jersey Mike's, Satanists, Terminator, Kinderflail, Racism, Boondocks, New Jersey, Megan Fox

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Recorded on November 22, 2014

Listen till the end.  We warm you up with some serious BS to get to the in depth conversation.

Tags: Conspiracy, F-Bomb, Cosby, Occulus, Destiny, Halo, Smash Bros, Zombie Plan, Spiders, Kinderflail, Milla Jovovich, Jeff Mach, Bugs, Lumbersexual, Beer, Anime, Jorts, Flogging Molly, Baby Metal, Concerts, Achievement Hunter, Rooster Teeth

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Recorded on November 8th, 2014

In this episode of the podcast there are no brakes on this f-train.  Join us on this trip to who the f even knows.  Seriously we go all over the place.


drinking, movies, boffer, interns, disease, newegg, behringer, porn, amish, star wars, titanic, boondock saints, tmnt, john wick, keanu reeves, dudeist, twilight, destiny, sandman, axent wear

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Recorded on Sunday October 26th, 2014

On this special episode Benj is back from the dead as well as Lucci chiming in from the south.  We're back to the usual format of BSing our way through a conversation after recovering from Extra Life.

Tags: Deathnote, Social Media, Harrah's, Valley Forge, H Jon Benjamin, 2001, Age Of Ultron, Marvel, DC, Arrow, The Flash, Gotham, Game Of Thrones, Entourage, Dr Who, Top Gear

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Recorded on Saturday October 18th, 2014

After realizing that the first take of episode 20 was ass we decided to do a retake.  In this extra special extra sleep deprived podcast we're recording during our Extra life play.  Also we're recordingwhile playing Destiny so we're kind of distracted.

Tags: Extra Life, Destiny, Minecraft, Strongbad Emails, Internet Box, Swole Acceptance, Ebola, Dinklebot, Farscape, Warcraft, Shadows Of Mordor, Shaun Of The Dead, Hot Fuzz, The World's End, The Flash, Dr. Who, Qdoba, Borderlands

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Recorded on Sunday September 28th, 2014

Featuring: Shawn, EJ, Nader Lynch

I'm pretty sure the title of this very special Episode 19 Season 2 Episode 2 episode speaks for itself.  Of course we have to open with Destiny but from there it was anybody's guess.  If you're feeling down and want to feel better about yourself listen to us because we're terrible human beings.

Tags: Podcast, Destiny, Final Fantasy, Bungie, Cats, Gundam, Anime, Black Holes, Dr Who, Kingdom Hearts, Star Wars, Disney, Marvel, DC, MedicalMarijuana, Arrow, Flash, Gotham, Superman, Batman, Justice League, Blizzard, Warhammer, Mirror's Edge, ALS, Science, Audio Rorschach Test, Crossdressing, Video Games

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In this episode we have individual mics and are bordering on professionalism.  Bear in mind that our professionalism only applies to the audio quality and not the content quality.  We are up to our usual bullsh!t laden standard.  We open with splooging about Destiny and go from there.

Tags: Destiny, Nintendo, Best Buy, 3DS, Super Smash Bros, PlayStation, Game Stop, Video Games, Dr Who, Red Dwarf, Frozen, Kingdom Hearts, Man Of Steel, Hentai, MMORPG, Planet Of The Apes, Anime, Cowboy Bebop, Full Metal Alchemist, Trigun, Belkin, Ninja Scroll

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Featuring: EJ, Christie, V, Eric, Shawn, Lynch

Tags: Video Games, Crossdressing, Science, Rockets, Movies, DFO, Doom, Guild Wars, Jehova's Witnesses, Beat Em Ups, Space, Conventions, Board Games, Buffalo Bill Cosby, Star Wars, Star Trek, Douglas Adams, Community, Podcast

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Recorded on August 17, 2014.

In this episode of the podcast Benj is back from the dead as we talk about Robin Williams passing and his impact on us and in World Of Warcraft and Zelda.  From there we talk about movies, video games, and tv shows.  We also check back in with the OK Cupid account created back in episode 5.  Then discuss the Dresden Files since Benj just got caught up with the series.

Tags: Arrow, Podcast, TMNT, Star Wars, Drinking, Sword Art Online, Movies, World Of Warcraft, Dresden, Marvel,Game Of Thrones, OK Cupid, Porn, Destiny, Constantine, Robin Williams, Maze Runner, Colbert, StarCraft 2, DotA

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In this very special episode the amount of bullshit reaches new heights with new blood on the show.  Tune in if you want to hear us train wreck our way from Ghost Busters to porn to the showdown.

Tags: Anime, Being Old, Bible, Destiny, Dresden< Final Fantasy, Game Of Thrones, Ghost Busters, Horror, Lovecraft, Movies, Mustache Rides, Podcast, Porn, Star Wars, Supernatural, Video Games

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Warning: The amount of bullshit you’re about to hear my be unsuitable for some people.  Viewer discretion advised.  But seriously this is some next level bullshit.

We’re back after a month hiatus after reworking our podcast network. Warning: The amount of bullshit you’re about to hear my be unsuitable for some people.  Viewer discretion advised.  But seriously this is some next level bullshit. As per usual you can find the episode by clicking on the logo, using the header tab, or clicking here.

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On this episode of the podcast we talk about our adventures at The Twisted World, rant about movies, books and GAEMZ.

Featuring: Rob, EJ, Dan, Lynch

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Topics: Japanese porn, dead ewoks, guilty pleasures, BioWare

Featuring: Rob, Kat, EJ, Dan, Lynch

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Topics: Anime, Conventions, Drinking, Evangelion, Gaming, Hardest Games, Space Dandy

Featuring: Rob, EJ, Lynch

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This time on the podcast we go off the rails about net neutrality, video games, dating and Benj makes an OK Cupid profile.

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This week we have guest Fesh on and tell him to shut up.

Topics: Arrow, Community, Cowboy Bebop, Dragon Ball Z, Dresden Files, Dune, New York, Once Upon A Time, Sin City, Suits, Supernatural, Vampire Diaries, Watchmen, Weather, White Collar

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You may have wondered where episode 2 went.  Don't worry about it.

Topics this week: BioWare, Dragon Age, EA, Mass Effect, Top 10 Games

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The pilot episode of the Chaotic Neutral Podcast.

Special thanks to TeknoAxe for the intro bed Robot Bunny Hop.

Topics: Antman, Desden Files, Star Wars, Super Powers, The Rocketeer

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