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Recorded on December 14, 2014

This podcast has been approved for release by The Glorious Demorcratic People's Republic of Korea.

We're up to our usual shenanigans in this episode.  Nader finally tells us where he was when we thought him to be dead in a ditch.  Somehow Lynch converts the episode into The Shonen Show.  #FireMika

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Clip recorded on December 14, 2014

This is a clip of our conversation about the way that the chlorine gas attack on a furry convention was reported.  We want to have Mika Brzeznski held accountable for laughing herself off stage while reporting on a domestic terrorist attack that sent 19 people to the hospital.


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Recorded on December 6, 2014

This one is weird even by our standard.  We try to talk nerd stuff but Nader takes forever to tell a story.  We step up our BS by a factor.  Probably because we recorded at 1 in the morning.

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