Chaotic Neutral Podcast

Recorded on Dec 17, 2017

It's part 2 of the 4 year anniversary podcast.  Fesh is back and we're back to politics.  Also Star Wars spoilers.

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Recorded on Dec 10, 2017

This week the old boys are celebrating 4 years of recording.  Aaaaand Lynch watches sports.

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Recorded on Dec 3, 2017

This week we go intro-less and Chris ruins everything.

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Recorded on Nov 29, 2017

Surprise surprise this week the boys talk comics.  And then Info Wars happens.

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Recorded on Nov 19, 2017

Sean's back! This week it's super hero talk time.

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Recorded on Nov 12, 2017

This week Lucci's back.  And EJ's in Boston.  Lynch takes the reins of this 2 man as his compy poops all over the recording.

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Recorded on Oct 22, 2017

Lynch is concussed.  EJ has been drinking.  Ray is... Ray.

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Recorded on Oct 15, 2017

Everyone is dead.  Twitch video chat sucks a butt.  

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Recorded on Oct 8, 2017

This week it's another 2 man show.  Lynch is back from the dead and ready to talk about trailers.  And drink.  Or just drink.

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Recorded on Sept 24, 107

This week, PIP'S BACK.  Get ready for something.

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Recorded on Sept 10, 2017

It's a riveting 2 man show going from real estate to natural disasters to virtual economics.  

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Recorded on Sept 3, 2017

This week the boys are tired and decide to talk about real estate to perk themselves up.  God help us all.


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Recorded August 19th, 2017

Shawn is back from the dead, Nader drinks sugar water and Lucci and Ej argue over VR's popularity.

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Recorded August 13th 2017


We get philosophical this week as EJ, Nader, and Lucci talk about Charlottesville, Star Trek, Game of Thrones and Pickle RIIIIICCCCKKKK!

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Recorded on August 6, 2017


2 man cast this (really late) week

Ej and Sean pull the curtains back on the show, how Sean joined, script writing, and Comic book talk (so much comic talk).

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Recorded on July 30, 2017

Coming at you from Saloon 151 in West Chester is this hot mess.  The gang talk about people pants and dicks.  Nuff said.

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Recorded on July 23, 2017

Special guest Scott.  The boys talk comics.  And more comics.  And animation.  And BvS.

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Recorded on July 16, 2017

This week Lynch's computer fucks off hard and in great quantities.

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Recorded on July 2, 2017

This week the boys talk movies, nintendo and space.  Also language is a thing.

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This week the guys discuss podcasts, relationships and Levar Burton. EJ's mic had some issues but we swear he's there 

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Recorded on June 18, 2017

This week the boys nerd out about nerd stuff.  Also they look at boobs.

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Recorded on June 11, 2017

This week the boys talk about Samurai Jack, movies and politics.

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EJ and Lucci unpack Ubisoft, Sony, and Nintendo

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Microsoft went hard in the paint with this year's E3.

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Recorded on June 4, 2017

It's a 2 man show this time with EJ being sick.  The boys get deep.

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Recorded on May 21, 2017

These people are the worst.  Listen to find out why.

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Recorded on May 14, 2017

This week the guys nerd out.  Hard.  Deep.  

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Recorded on April 30, 2017

The podcast is late because of technical issues.  But here's the guys diving into some deep topics.

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Recorded on April 23, 2017

This week Sean tells stories.  Also he's an asshole.

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Recorded on April 16, 2017

It's Easter time for zombie Jesus and bullshi*t.

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Recorded on April 9, 2017

The return of Shannon. The gang tries to figure out gender.  And comics.  Lots of comic stuff.


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Recorded on April 2, 2017

This one is an extra special episode.  You'll just have to listen to find out.

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Recorded April 4th, 2017

:Spoilercast: Ghost in the Shell review contains spoilers

Tim and Shawn are at Movie Tavern (audio is a little rough) talking about where the new live action Ghost in the Shell did and didn't live up to the original Anime and what they thought of it. Listen!

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Recorded on Mar 26, 2017

This week Lynch's lappy tries to kill itself.  Shawn's a robot.  Justice has a fart chair.

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Recorded on Mar 19, 2017

This week we 3 man remote in.  **** your cold open.  Also we get listed on a new platform.

Lynch is lazy.

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Recorded on Mar 12, 2017

This week Chris drinks, Pip is offensive, Fesh tunes out, and Lucci drinks bad beer.

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Recorded on March 5th, 2015

Another two man cast this week as Ej and Nader talk Nintendo Switch, Nader’s grandma, Logan, the upcoming justice league movie, Duck Tales, legend of Korra, Phoenix Wright, and sleeping with crab people. Listen.

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Recorded on Feb 26, 2017

This week the boys try not to get political.  But go there anyways.

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Recorded on Feb 19, 2017

We start serious and end up in the land of ridiculous.

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Recorded on Feb 12, 2017

Justice is back!  Get ready for printer breaking action.

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Recorded on Feb 5, 2017

Imagine if you will about a podcast with out Fesh.  This week it's a talkie 3 man.  Mostly about games and movies.

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Recorded on Jan 29, 2017

This episode comes on the tail of EJ's birthday party.  Lucci words good.  Fesh talks politics.

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Recorded on Jan 22, 2017

This week we 2 man this.  Phil is restrained.

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Recorded on Jan 16, 2017

Ray and little Sean are back on.  Fesh be Feshin'.  EJ learns how to talk into a mic.

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Recorded on Jan 8, 2017

The OG crew is back and in action.  The action of drinking and being assholes.  Also drama.

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With the new year coming in no one was around to record so I decided to release the spoiler cast we did for Star Wars Episode 7.  A year late.  Also spoilers in you somehow haven't seen The Force Awakens yet.

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